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The restaurant sits in a perfect location for any time meal. This was my fourth visit to Bohai restaurant and i rate the food to be good but quantity is a concern. Overall, the restaurant will be marked 25/100. The staff seem lost when they are serving customers. No friendly approach, no hospitality, and out of all no smile on face. Imagine you have to see a stubborn face before you eat.

The next legacy is the waiting you have to do. Me and my mate took three naps before we were served. Out of it, every time, one of the menus out of our full order was missing. We had to look around for the servers to query about the order who you see running to the kitchen and getting lost. We ordered a few vegetable and non-veg meals. The non-veg meals arrived first. My friends finished off their non-veg meal while the other waited for another 25 mins and after 3 more reminders about our order, we received our non veg meal which seemed not have been cooked properly - done as a task.

The personnel at the cashier station was just staring as if he had seen ghosts. NO smile nothing. Thats bad man. And it really makes you mad when you recoganise some one whom you paying for the service have no appreciation in return. Cmon man its an hospitality business.

Advise to all - if you are going to have a quick meal, please do not go here, you will have to wait for an hour before you food is served. Plus customer service is pathetic....hope this feedback gets the owners pull up their socks