The List of Music Companies in Nakasi, Fiji

Looking for the Best Music Companies in Nakasi, Fiji? Find the List of the. Top Music Companies in Nakasi, Music Companies Near Me.
We found 10 companies

Christian Outreach College

Lot 8 Naiyala Subdivision, Vunimono, Nakasi

Joseph Soundz & Alarmz

Lot 49 Chadwick Rd, 9 1/2 Miles, Nakasi

Negata Farms

Lot 34, Kabi Place, Nakasi

Padarath Ajay C Dr.

Lot 5 Vishnu Deo Rd, Nakasi

R.B. Rahmatullah & Sons (Fiji) Ltd

Lot 7 Matanikorovatu Rd, Makoi , Lot 16 Wainibuku Rd, Nakasi


18 Bau St, Nakasi
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Music in Fiji is a vibrant and varied mix of traditional and contemporary styles, reflecting the country's diverse cultural heritage. Traditional music is a mix of Indian, Polynesian, and Melanesian influences, and includes a variety of instruments like the lali (slit drum), the cava (bamboo flute), and the tokei (jaw harp). Contemporary music, meanwhile, is a blend of traditional and modern styles, incorporating influences from the West, Europe, and the Pacific Islands.

Fijian music is typically performed in large groups, with singers, drummers, and dancers. The music is often accompanied by clapping and foot stomping, and is often used to mark special occasions or to create a festive atmosphere. The music is also used as a form of storytelling, with traditional songs telling stories of culture and history.

In addition to traditional and contemporary music, Fiji has also developed its own unique musical genres. Reggae music has become popular in recent years, and is often heard at parties and clubs. Pop music and hip-hop are also popular, and often incorporate traditional Fijian elements.

In summary, music in Fiji is an eclectic mix of traditional, contemporary, and unique styles, and is an important part of the country's culture and identity. It is a vibrant and exciting form of expression that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Music in Fiji is a vibrant and varied mix of traditional and contemporary